Author Submissions

We are always on the look-out for talented new authors and great stories for children and young adults! If you have a great story to tell, contact us for submission instructions. We are particularly interested in authors local to NC and stories that reflect the same and we prefer to see galleys/ARC’s for review of children’s books. 

*Note: At this time, we are currently not accepting submissions for children’s picture books. We are, however, accepting submissions for YA books.

Please understand we cannot respond to everyone due to the volume of submissions we receive, however, we will reply within 2-3 weeks if we are interested in receiving a galley or manuscript for review. Be sure to provide thorough details about the book in the description below. Just because we do not have availability today does not mean we will not have availability tomorrow. Regardless, never give up and keep writing! 🙂

NOTE: We do NOT charge authors to publish their books. Always question a publisher who does this. Make sure the publisher is legit and not a vanity operation. If we agree to publish your book, you will get paid a small advance and a percentage of any profit (sales – expenses) earned from the book, all of which will be in a written contract.